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Want to be a part of our Volunteer Crew?

The best way to experience the festival is from our side, working with our team and breweries to deliver something great and, obviously, having a few beers along the way too!

Our festivals couldn’t happen without our crew of volunteers and it’s their passion and hard work that makes all of our festivals into truly special events.

We’re looking forward to working with a great team of volunteers and we hope that’s you.

While we can’t pay cash, we can pay in beer, experience and good times. So beyond meeting and learning from the breweries and the festival teams, if you volunteer at a festival we’ll do our best to make sure you get free entrance to a session of your choice. Oh, and you keep your Crew T-shirt as a momento.

There are two roles that we are recruiting for, Dray and General Volunteer.

General Crew

This role will cover every aspect of the festival operations from box office to glass washing, bartending to litter picking. We will rotate you across different roles throughout your session which we hope will keep it interesting and fast paced. You may well be asked to empty the odd slops bucket on behalf of a brewery but we aim to balance the not-so-nice jobs with time spent with brewers helping them pour and enjoying the odd taster at the same time.


This job is working before sessions to make sure all the beer is in place and festival is ready to roll. You’ll be working directly with the festival floor team, helping manage the movement of hundreds of different types of beers, making sure water containers are filled, and breaking down the odd key keg. It’s lots of heavy lifting and sweating – but the beer tastes all the sweeter for it – and a good insight into the nuts and bolts of the festival operation. FOR THIS ROLE YOU MUST BE COMFORTABLE LIFTING A 30KG KEG.

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