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The WABies – Craft Beer Slinger Awards 2019

The Award

So, of course, it takes a visionary brewer to create a brew that ticks the boxes of today’s craft beer drinkers. We also know that an enterprising bar owner can drive acceptance of modern brewing to whole new audiences.

But we are acutely aware what can really make or break a craft beer in the on-trade is the knowledge, passion and energy displayed by bar staff.

So, we really do appreciate you guys and gals, and to recognise your skills and commitment to everything craft we have created this, the inaugural Craft Beer Slinger Award.

The Prize

And we have pulled in a shed-load of favours to provide the most awesome prize, ever. Ever. Our newly crowned Craft Beer Slinger will get to sling their very own beer that they have hand brewed in the premises of one of our extremely generous brewing partners.

You will spend a day in the company of a head brewer who will guide you through the brewing process to make your very own, personalised brew. You will then pour your own beer, from its own keg, in your own pub. Cool or what!

Plus all entrants will receive a complimentary ticket to the LCBF Trade Session on Friday 9th August. Doors open at 11.30am.

How to Enter

To enter you need to give us your most tip-top answers to these 3 simple questions.

Once in the nomination pool we will invite the best to be judged at the London Craft Beer Festival’s trade session on Friday 9th August, with the winner announced throughout that session leaving them the afternoon to double-brag about their new title and their soon to be brewed own beer.

Anyway, here we go ….. answer these.

1. Describe your most successful turnaround when converting a cooking lager drinker to a “Wow! Really! So that is what craft beer is all about, f … me”.

2. If, through a quirk of science that would baffle even the great Brian Cox, you somehow became a style of beer, what would you be and why?

3. Because undoubtedly you are leading the pack when it comes to knowing about new and emerging brews, what do you think is the next big brew looming on the craft beer horizon?

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