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The Foodism Bottle Shop & Tasting Table

The Foodism Bottle Shop


Expect a mix of some of the festival’s finest beers from the likes of Cloudwater, Amundsen, Siren, Mikkeller, Wild Beer Co., as well as some rare goodies and US imports brought over especially for the event. 

Throughout the weekend, you’ll be able to get your hands on cans from KCBC, Interboro, Firestone Walker and a very special collab with Other Half, plus loads more. Pop by to talk beer and take home a haul to be proud of.

The Tasting Table


Up your knowledge at The Tasting Table, home to a curated list of talks, meet the brewers, bottle shares and round tables running all weekend long.

Friday: Opening Day Session


12:15 Freedom Brewery | Taste Freedom

Freedom Brewery’s Jonathan Smith discusses lager in the UK, detailing what makes Freedom’s range of lagers different – quality, consistency and real beer – as well as running a brief tasting of their 4% Lager and 4.8% Helles Organic Lager. 


12:45 UnBarred Brewery | Water profiles in beer

Sussex-based UnBarred Brewery’s Jordan Mower talks us through the ways in which water profiles affect the mouthfeel and flavour of beers, sampling a range of beers across the spectrum, from brut IPAs to soft, pillowy fruited pales.


13:30 Healthy Hospo | James Beeson on keeping healthy in the bar business

In the hospitality industry, where the turnover and productivity of staff are key drivers of overall success, bartender health and wellness should be high on the agenda. James Beeson, UK champion for Healthy Hospo, explains how pubs and bars can become both more sustainable and profitable by focusing on creating a happier and healthier workforce.


14.00 Harbour | James Rylance on spontaneous fermentation in the UK 

Harbour’s research and development brewer James Rylance presents an investigation into how far we’ve come and how far we can go with spontaneous fermentation beer in the UK, taking a look at how and why people are producing and drinking such unpredictable and complex beers, and whether the UK market is truly ready for them.  


14.30 Jenn Merrick | Cannabinoids in Beer

Jenn Merrick of Earth Station Brewery, Darryl Mills of Good Things Brewing and Ferhat Yeter of B2B CBD join us at the bottle shop to give a technical presentation on the process and recipe implications of brewing beers with CBD additions. The talk will explain what CBD is, detail what products are available to breweries, discuss how a brewer can utilise these products and give tips on maximising the flavour and aroma potential of CBD’s unique cannabinoid and terpene compounds. There’ll also be a discussion on shelf-life, potency and stability considerations, as well as time for questions.


15.15 Firestone Walker | An intro to Firestone Walker, plus barrelworks tasting

Adrian Walker from legendary Californian brewery Firestone Walker talks us through the history of the brand, showcasing some core classics and rare bottles along the way. Expect to try a wide range of beers from Firestone Walker’s core range, plus others from Barrelworks programme that aren’t usually available in the UK, or even at the rest of the festival.

Friday: Opening Night Session


18.45 Cloudwater | Hop intensity with Cloudwater 

Known for its broad range of IPAs and DIPAs, there are few breweries we’d like to learn about the power of the hop from than the UK’s highest-rated brewery Cloudwater. In this talk, you’ll learn the ways in which the brewery utilises hop intensity for flavour and aroma, inclusive of bittering on the hot side to dry hopping on the cold side.


19.30 Anspach & Hobday | Backwards innovation in beer and brewing

Using two of their beers, The Three Threads and The Rauchwein, Bermondsey-based brewery Anspach & Hobday will teach us how we can produce innovative modern beers with the production methods of the past.


20.00 Mothership | Breaking into beer

A panel of inspirational women in beer share their experiences of how they changed careers to work in the beer industry. Expect to hear all about how they overcame challenges, and maximised the impact of their transferable skills. A must-attend for those wanting to make the move to work in beer. 


21.15 Starward | A whisky for craft beer drinkers

Starward was born out of a passion for craft beer. Founder David Vitale originally planned to open a brewery before a chance meeting opened his eyes to the world of craft whisky. Pete Garraway, UK Brand Manager for Starward, explains the close ties which still bind Starward with craft beer, from yeast and barley strains to ‘boilermakers’ and barrel ageing, tasting the Starward range along the way.

Saturday Social Session


12.15 Broaden & Build + Amass | Primary fermentation of ingredients to build flavour

Matt Orlando of Amass Copenhagen and Tiago Guimares Falcone of Broaden & Build, will discuss how primary fermentation of food products can help build flavor when added during or after the brewing process.


13.15 Mikkeller | Beer Geek Tasting

At a time where coffee and beer was an almost unheard-of mix, the release of Beer Geek Breakfast really put Mikkeller on the map. At this tasting, the brewery will be serving you three different versions of its Beer Geek series: Beer Geek Breakfast, Beer Geek Cocoa Shake and Beer Geek Vanilla Shake BA 2019. They’ll also have an extra surprise beer, especially brought for you to taste.


14:15 Burning Sky | ‘A tutored tasting of Saison a la Provision.’

Burning Sky lead brewer Robin Head-Fourman guides us through a tasting of the much acclaimed Saison a la Provision, the foeder-aged saison that helped kickstart the Sussex-based brewery’s foray into the world of wild and mixed fermentation beer.


15:15 Collective Arts Brewing | An Introduction

Collective Arts isn’t just a big name in the Canadian beer scene, it’s a way of life. Each time the brewery releases a new can, it showcases the work of a different artist on the label, too. Over the last couple of years Collective Arts has expanded its range to Europe and Asia, and at this year’s LCBF the brewery will be introducing themselves and educating us on the Collective Arts way, as well as talking through some great beers they’ve brought over with them for LCBF.

Saturday: Big Night Out Session


18.45 Claire Bullen & Jen Ferguson | The Beer Lover’s Table: a beer and food pairing

Beer and food are natural partners at the dinner table. Beer and food writer Claire Bullen and co-author Jen Ferguson of Hop Burns & Black show you how to find the perfect match with beer and food pairings from their new book The Beer Lover’s Table. Food and incredible beer included!


19.30 Gipsy Hill | Kettle sours with Gipsy Hill

Over the last 18 months, Gipsy Hill have been constantly experimenting with kettle soured beers – from fruit additions to brut’d wort, Sam McMeekin will explore the growing complexities and nuances of the souring process and beer stability (with two types of sours to try).


20.00 Hawkes Cider | An introduction

The team behind Hawkes Cider give us an introduction to the world of craft cider, detailing production methods, tasting notes and talking about the future of all things apple in the UK.


20.45 BrewDog OverWorks | Sour showcase

Come and try some of BrewDog’s much-celebrated OverWorks range, and learn about mixed fermentation and barrel-aged sours while you’re at it.


21.30 Northern Monk | Rare bottle tasting

The Monks bring a selection of one-off beers down from Yorkshire for you to taste. Including 2018 & 2019’s Wine Society collaborations and Death: Single Origin Burundi Coffee Edition 12% Imperial Stout, which has been cellar-aged for almost 18 months.

Sunday Funday Session


12.15 Mondo | Collaboration, collaboration, collaboration

Why do we collaborate? How do they happen? What do different breweries get out of them and what does the final product mean to the drinker? Mondo Brewing have a history of brewing with American and European breweries and will go into more detail on some of their more interesting and left-field collaborations in this talk – starting with a recent collab with the MLB London Series.


13.15 Big Drop Brewing | Naturally brewed low-alcohol beers

With the sector increasing by the day, it’s easy to think of low and no alcohol drinks as a new trend, but when we look historically the lower alternatives were always in demand. Whatever happened to Cinzano & lemonade?


14.15 Freedom | Taste Freedom

Freedom Brewery MD Matt Wilson discusses lager in the UK, detailing what makes Freedom’s range of lagers different – quality, consistency and real beer – as well as running a brief tasting of their 4% Lager and 4.8% Helles Organic Lager. 


15.15 Queer Brewing Project | A Q&A with Lily Waite

Foodism editor Mike Gibson hosts an informal Q&A with Queer Brewing Project’s Lily Waite to discuss why the project exists, why it’s important for the beer industry in 2019, and what they’ve been up to so far.