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Fuller’s The Cask Yard

The Cask Yard, presented by our friends at Fuller’s, is back!

At London Craft Beer Festival we like to celebrate the best beer made and poured in the capital – and so it’s an honour to work with Fuller’s, whom we consider the godfathers of brewing in this city, on bringing something totally unique to the party.

The central pillars of The Cask Yard this year is collaboration and connection. First up,

Fuller’s is working with its brewing buddies around the country on a Fuller’s & Friends set of collaboration beers – expect to hear a lot more about these. We’re going to have the first taste of three of these beers, pilot brewed with Thornbridge, Marble and Moor. We’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

Next up, the brewery team at Fuller’s has pulled out some special casks, and we’ll be featuring some of its finest brews in peak condition, including the stunning Vintage Ale and the beer that inspired a thousand breweries, ESB. Lastly, Fuller’s is going to feature a host of its friend’s beers – with 20 special cask conditioned beers coming from as far as Sierra Nevada, California and as close as Redemption, Tottenham. The brief to these breweries? ‘Bring out your best!’

As a festival, our focus is on modern beer culture, and, for us, a big part of that is collaboration with people who are shaping beer’s future. We believe a big part of that future lies in cask conditioned beers; making sure our rich heritage and traditions play alongside the new brewing culture at the core of our festival is something we’re passionate about. Working with Fuller’s, bringing The Cask Yard right into the heart of the action this year, is something we’re excited and proud to do.

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