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Fetch The Cider

We’re excited to announce a London Craft Beer Festival first… Cider!

This year will be our first collaboration with cider distributor and retailer, Fetch The Drinks, and 6 fantastic cider producers from around the UK. The ‘Fetch The Cider’ bar will be place to explore and discover a world of modern cider, and the craft and skill that goes into its production.

Much like modern beer a new wave interest in cider is being driven by producers getting incredible flavours from their apples and the innovative process they employ – bringing them together in a diverse range of real and fine ciders.  This a new wave of cider production, something we’re excited to be able to give a platform for because we know you’re going to enjoy it.

On the ‘Fetch the Cider’ bar the following producers will be on hand to talk you through their rotating ciders, as will Sean from Fetch The Drinks.

Dorset Star

Run by Dan Green, since 2013, on a star shaped orchard in Dorset, they produce a large variety of ciders, for all palettes, from 7 varieties harvested from his farm.


A cider producer from here in London. Their humble ‘urban orchard’ beginnings have now blossomed into full premises, open to visit in the beer hub that is Bermondsey.


Brian Blunt has been making real cider for over 25 years. Do not confuse this with any similarly named or branded concentrate – this is real deal craft cider


Inspired by his own farm’s terroir and the different cider making cultures of the UK, Phil Saxby began to grow his own apples, creating his own unique cidery in the midlands.

Tutts Clump

A family operation that began as a hobby in 2006, is now a fully-fledged operation. Using only 100% fruit, matured for 12 months, with left over less going back into local farming, this is proper cider at its best.

Beard and Sabre

Inspired by innovation with craft beer, Beard and Sabre, from their home in Cirencester, are on a mission to push the boundaries and definitions of cider. Innovatively blending tradition and science to push people’s perceptions of this ancient beverage.

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