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East London Brewer’s Bar

We’re proud to present the East London Brewer’s Bar at this year’s London Craft Beer Festival. East London is our home and I think it’s fair to say, a global hub for great beer; a place packed with amazing bars, well stocked bottle shops and of course, fantastic breweries. To celebrate this unique brewing and beer culture we’ve established this bar to bring along 8 breweries on a special East London Brewer’s Bar.

Anspach & Hobday (Bermondsey)

Just over the river in South East London; a fantastic little brewery and producers of one of the city’s best porters

Crate (Hackney Wick)

Arguably the finest summer drinking spot in East London, this brewery and pizza joint is mainstay of any sunny day in East London

Hackney Brewery (Haggerston)

Just off the canal, Hackney have long been a hoppy cask ale go-to in main East London pub. Now moving into some pretty delicious keg pales too.

Affinity Brew Co. (Tottenham)

Founded by Ben and Steve, long term faces of the London craft beer scene, this is probably the youngest brewery we have at the event. First beers are tasting great!

Redemption (Tottenham)

A founding member of the East London brewery scene, and definitely one of our favourites. They’re a go to brewery in many of East London’s pubs.

40Ft (Dalston)

Always up for a party at their place and brewing out of some shipping containers, head brewer Ben makes sessionable beauties often found in bars and restaurants

Signature (Leyton)

Inspired by music, and often collaborating with London artists, Signature’s core range and specials are always a joy. Sam is legend too.

Five Points (Hackney Central)

An East London institution, running their own festivals, brewery yard parties, and an amazing bar in Mason & Co. Five Points keep E postcodes in hoppy pales

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